Mr. Neeraj Raizada

Mr. Sunil Patodia

The Leadership

The Federation of MSME Vendors of Defence and Aerospace (FMVODA) is ably helmed by Neeraj Raizada as the Chairman and Sunil Patodia as the President. Under their leadership, FMVODA has transformed into a true partner of MSME vendors, who work with defence and aerospace contracts. 

FMVODA has always been propelled by industrialists, who are visionaries and want to give back something to the society. Their strong business acumen has allowed them to anticipate market trends and changes while also preparing for challenges. These result-oriented professionals and leaders have strived hard to provide solutions to MSME vendors to help them flourish and thrive in a highly competitive field and under economic conditions that have not always been favorable to the vendors. 

The Success Story

FMVODA's success lies in its ability to reinvent and reimagine itself as an institute that works not only for the MSME vendors that work with the defence and aerospace sectors, but also for the country. 

The Federation of MSME Vendors of Defence and Aerospace has played a crucial role bridging the existing gap between policy formulation and policy implementation to create a transparent and organized environment where defence and aerospace vendors can drive growth not just for their organizations, but also for the defence, aerospace and the nation. 

Under the dynamic patronage of Sh. S.V. Mohindra, Sh. Anil Ghai, and Sh. Shayam Aggarwal, the Federation of MSME Vendors of Defence and Aerospace will grow from strength to strength and serve as a platform to unify MSME vendors, who are specifically working for the aerospace and defence sectors.