Policy and Progress Advocacy

The Government of India introduces policies with the aim to promote financial independence, produce goods within India and adopt latest technologies in defence manufacturing sector. The Federation of MSME Vendors of Defence and Aerospace works along with the government and puts forth concerns of the stakeholders and members of Federation so that the policymakers have an unbiased view of the defence manufacturing industry and its requirements. This enables the government to form policies taking into consideration the requirements of the stakeholders and MSME vendors and manufacturers. The Federation engages with the government at the state and central levels to create a conducive environment for MSMEs to that it contributes towards the growth of the nation at its full potential. The Federation of MSME Vendors of Defence and Aerospace also works in partnership with the government to ascertain the progress of development and procurement in the sector.

Policy and Market Research

The Federation of MSME Vendors of Defence and Aerospace keeps an eye on opportunities at national and international level for the benefit of vendor members. The Federation monitors new trends and new defence policies at the global level that can benefit defence MSMEs. This helps MSMEs in the defence sector to be aware of latest trends so that they are in tune with the happenings and the latest developments in the industry. The Federation has experts to analyse policies of the government so that MSME manufacturers and vendors can offer industry-specific products and services. It allows MSMEs to offer latest and most relevant products and services. The Federation tries to augment global business opportunities for its members, by participating in trade fairs, seminars, attending delegations, sending delegations etc.

Emerging Technologies and New Opportunities

At global level, the defence industry is continuously evolving and investing in latest technology for better defence equipments. However, the Federation of MSME Vendors of Defence and Aerospace keeps track of new technologies meant for defence sector for improvement in manufacturing of defence equipments. On regular basis, the Federation organizes seminars and even participates in conventions on defence matters for in-depth knowledge and information on emerging technologies and new opportunities.

B2B and Export Promotion

One of the primary responsibility of the Federation of MSME Vendors Defence and Aerospace is to create an awareness about the abilities of the Indian defence manufacturing and services industry. This is helpful in creating new B2B and export opportunities. By participating in international defence trade fairs and exhibitions, the Federation ensures that defence MSMEs get a platform to showcase their work and access to overseas B2B opportunities.This facility is helpful for members to do networking with decision-makers at the global level and get export and B2B opportunities.


The Federation takes great pride in meeting the requirements of MSMEs. It provides a comprehensive FAQ section that provides procurement guides and practices in the defence sector. There are industry leaders and experts who make an effort to even address queries that are not available in the FAQ section to ensure defence MSMEs get the right answer and solutions. Members are encouraged to check out the FAQ section to see if their questions and doubts have been addressed. If they do not find the desired answer, they can send in their questions and queries and industry luminaries will respond to them.

Legal Support

The Federation has a team of legal experts to answer legal questions on defence matters This is a paid service. The legal support can help members unravel the complicated jargon in contracts, assist in resolving disputes and handle other more complex and grave legal issues.