Rules and Regulations

  • Membership shall be subject to approval by the management body of the Federation constituted from time to time as per rules and regulations in force.
  • Legal jurisdiction shall be local courts in District Sonepat, Haryana.
  • Membership fee once paid shall not be refunded in any circumstances withdrawal of cancellation of membership.
  • Every member is expected to adhere various rules and regulations framed by the Federation from time to time. If any time any member is found to be not following the rules, his membership shall be liable to be cancelled.
  • If any member who is entitled to attend the periodic meetings remains absent from the meeting consecutively for two meetings his membership shall be liable for cancellation.
  • No member shall make any statement or do any act which is detrimental to the Federation or any active member of the Federation.
  •  Members while participating in day to day activities of the Federation might come across confidential information relating to Federation or any of its active member. The members are expected to maintain confidentiality of such information. He shall not share in any manner, verbally, orally or in writing or in any manner whatsoever, to anyone outside the Federation. Sharing of such information within Federation shall also be subject to rules and regulations made in this respect. Such an act shall not in any manner sall be detrimental to Federation or any of its active member. Said restriction shall continue to apply in case of cessation of membership or cancellation/expulsion  of/from  membership, for a period of two years from the occurrence of such an event.
  • If a member fails to pay applicable fee along with all the due taxes as applicable within 45 days of such fee having become payable, his membership shall be liable for cancellation. 
  • No Individual member or person from management body(other than authorized person) can represent  the Federation on its own. Any correspondence written of verbal shall take place only through the head office situated at plot no 1227, HSIIDC Industrial Estate Rai. Head Office alone is authorized to do any correspondence with any Government department/organization.